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Eve writes fiction for children where lonely people find adventure and grounding in community, the natural world, Jewish culture and, typically, a little magic. Her nonfiction muses on parenting, nature, education, art and the Alexander Technique.

Her work has been published in the Jackson Hole News & Guide, Northern Lights, The Southeast Examiner, AmSAT Journal and more. Her plays have been produced by Riot Act, Off Square Theatre and Chapel Theatre Company.


Here is a piece published in Howlround Theatre Commons.

"Exit Descartes: Reimagining Theatre Training Through an Embodied Lens"

Here's one that won 2nd prize in the 2017 Mouritz Award for writing on the Alexander Technique.

"Pressure, Pain and Parenting"

Here is a link to her Alexander Technique blog.  And here are a few of her blogs on Medium:

We're Doing Self-Care Wrong

I Finally Fell in Love With Valentine's Day

Permission to Stop Working So Hard

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